Oyster SAT DOM 50 ST Vision light Satellite Dome System

The Oyster SAT-DOM dome antenna is yet another novelty from ten Haaft which takes fully automatic satellite reception to the next level.



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The space-saving alternative for recreational vehicles

Unlike automatic dish antennas that must first move into position upon arrival at the holiday destination or stop-over location, the dome antenna is fully operational at all times. The actual antenna is located under a dome, waiting for the command to find the satellite transmitting the selected channel within just a few seconds.

Thanks to its single cable, the dome antenna is easy to mount on almost any vehicle roof. The space occupied by the antenna unit while it performs the necessary adjustments does not change, as the dish pivots inside the dome. Roof hatches and other accessories can be used without interfering with the antenna and without any risk of damage.

All hardware components and all drive, control and sensor systems are located inside a weatherproof dome, thus being protected against gusts of wind and airflow. The dome antenna is elegantly shaped and very lightweight. It comes in three different versions.

Reception range
Oyster SAT-DOM 50 ST
Reception range

Thanks to the unique 42 cm dish, almost all SKY and Freesat channels can be received on the British Isles.



Digital satellite aiming and identification at the touch of a button
Fully automatic adjustment in less than 15 seconds
Extensive reception range thanks to 42 cm special dish
Easy to operate
Automatic elevation range: < 10° to 60°
Unlimited pivoting
Current draw: 0.5 A at 12 V / 0.3 A at 24 V
Dome resistant to hail and UV radiation
Aerodynamic design
Water-resistant design prevents freeze-up in winter
No condensation of moisture inside dome
Space-saving mounting plate (50 x 37 cm)
Dimensions: Ø 45 cm / 38 cm (height)
High-quality craftsmanship and durable materials
Made in Germany
Manufacturer is QM-certified in accordance with ISO 9001
3 year warranty and reliable service

Specifications are subject to change without notice.