Oyster Vision III 85 Automatic Satellite System Single LNB AutoSkew

The tried-and-proven Oyster® system with 65-cm or 85-cm antenna with an optimal reception range in a receiver-independent version. An especially durable system with swivel-head technology for the highest requirements.



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Digital and receiver-independent.

If you want to see the latest news from all over the world or you don’t want to miss your favourite TV show even when travelling in far away regions, you’ll need a flexible antenna harmonized to your personal demands. The various fully automatic satellite systems of the Vision series are all digital whereas their intelligent operator unit allows the connection of almost any receiver of your choice.

Depending on your personal request you can either use a digital receiver with a wide range of reception or you use your existing analogue receiver.

The two antenna dish sizes of 65 and 85 cm ensure optimal reception ranges.


Height ca. 22 cm
Weight ca. 14 kg
Ø 65 cm / 85 cm

Reception range 2
(65-cm antenna dish)

Reception range 3
(85-cm antenna dish)
Reception ranges

The reception ranges indicated represent the approximate core
ranges. Outside these ranges, reception may be possible, but
programme variety may be limited.

ASTRA 2 A transmits all important Sky programmes in the United Kingdom, Irleland, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy and parts of Eastern Europe (Oyster 85 will be recommended for journeys beyond the British Island).

ASTRA 2 D transmits all important Freesat programmes in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland (Oyster 85 will be recommended for journeys beyond the British Island).

Operator Panel
12.5 x 6.7 x 3.2 cm
(W x H x D)

Control unit
20.0 x 3.0 x 11.2 cm
(W x H x D)

Operator Panel

The fully automatic control center located inside your vehicle is full of intelligent software. At the touch of a button, the antenna moves into the last reception position (LEM). If no image is received in this position, the automatic search function is started immediately. The illuminated display keeps you informed about the various functions. Special functions, e.g. a satellite swap or manual search, can be started by pressing one of the few and easily comprehensible buttons.

The additional control unit ( see picture) contains the complete system electronics and can be mounted out of sight in a storage compartment.

Digital satellite search
Single LNB AutoSkew
Receiver-independent with user-friendly control unit and multiple languages: DE, GB, FR, NL, IT, ES, SE, DK, NO, PT and FI
All digital and analogue receivers commonly used (in Europe) can be used for satellite aiming. Even receivers integrated in TV set or provider-specific digital set-top boxes can be used!
LEM technology: Last Elevation Memory for reduced search times (antenna searches at the elevation angle of last reception)
System is mounted on ball bearings
Weather-proof design
Automatic retraction at vehicle start
High-quality craftsmanship and durable materials
3-year warranty and reliable service.
xSpecifications are subject to change without notice.