The compact design takes up little space, ideal for mounting on the roof of a mobile home.


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The hassle of aligning in a new location is not necessary thanks to an integrated GPS module and electronically controlled drive the antenna is determined automatically by pressing a button.

Despite its small size it still provides a good reception result. By the three-layer structure with antenna wave guide horn array function, the diffuse reflection of the satellite signal is largely prevented. Horizontally and vertically polarized signals are separated and directed bundled on the LNB. The result: a strong signal to the LNB.

Can be used to receive most satellites over Europe, such as Astra 1, 2, 3, Hotbird and others

Satvision Magazine said this about it:

“Good” (90.7%) Issue 9 (September 2012) Single Review

“… The installation and operation can also be of nontechnical users to perform in-house. Thanks to the good values ​​could receive a good and stable image on the reference TVs are guaranteed. … The antenna offers further by unseasonably good workmanship and material quality. … ”

Fully automatic positioning

By the GPS receiver, the GPS data is collected and evaluated. The exact position of the antenna is determined by, and then a quick alignment high efficiency

horizontal orientation on axis (azimuth) by 360 °
free and self-alignment to the desired satellite
high-resolution images in the best quality despite the small dimensions received

The antenna is controlled by an external control unit (controller unit). Mobile and can be used universally

The antenna is very compact and unobtrusive, thanks to its folding function it fits well in any car boot and has elegant design

Through its flat design, the antenna is ideally positioned not only on a caravan or mobile home roof, but also on the balcony or terrace.

Simple installation

Simply connect the antenna, within seconds it is ready to receive a signal! The antenna is already prepared for a permanent installation. At the base of the antenna, there are six characteristics that are provided for screw mounting.

LNB Type: Single Universal
LNB input frequency: 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz
LNB Output frequency: 950 MHz ~ 2.15
Signal Gain: 33.8 dBi – 12.7 GHz
Satellite search time: 60 sec
Suchgeschwindikeit: 5-10 ° per sec
Polarization: linear (horizontal / vertical)
Elevation angle: 15 ° ~ 75 °
Tilt: -60 ° ~ +60 °
Azimut: Unlimited (360 °)
Operating temperature: -30 ° C ~ +60 ° C
Color: White

Antenna dimensions:

Length: 510 mm Width: 357 mm Height: 188 mm
Weight: 7 kg (antenna)

What’s in the kit:

SNIPE satellite antenna
Controller unit
Controller cable (12m)
Satellite cable (12m)
Durable hard case